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Dr. Joe Rozencwajg, NMD

I was a conventional medical doctor, trained in Belgium and specialized in General, Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery in Alberta, Canada. One day, suddenly my back gave up for no reason and I could not move. I had to call a friend acupuncturist. Within a few minutes he had me moving and almost pain-free. My first child was then born. At 6 months he started the cycle of otitis, antibiotics, diarrhea.... I brought my son to a homeopath. With a few powders, all problems disappeared and he was never seriously ill for the next 18 years. I started studying Homeopathy. I also studied Phytotherapy (Herbalism), TCM, Nutrition, Homeobotanical Medicine, Reiki, Flower Remedies and many others. I moved with the family to South Africa, then to Israel. By the end of 2000 I was so fed up with the conventional system that I decided it was time to be totally honest and quit the quackery. So I slammed the door and resigned from the NHS. A few months later I moved to New Zealand.

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 Noel, 12 - Growing Pain

My son Noel has been growing drastically recently. I had to buy new pants every 2 months or so. Noel complained about about pains especially in his legs and so I asked Dr. Seebauer for some homeopathic help. He received one dose of Phosphorus only and 2 days later I noticed Noel happily sitting outside, humming a melody. It was in the morning and before school and quite uncommon for him to be in such good spirits. He said he was feeling great and nothing was bothering him. There hasn't been any pain since but what I really appreciate is that Noel has become much more relaxed and balanced. He is always in a good mood now and doesn't argue and quarrel any more. We can carry on great conversation now, which before has almost been impossible, as my son would be too fidgety and distracted. This is a side effect of Homeopathy that I did never expect to happen! 

Mick, Dad of Noel


Kevin, 48 yrs, High Blood Pressure

"I have had high blood pressure for as long as I can remember. It first started when I met my wife Shelly, I think, I must have been around 20 years old. In a routine examination my doctor discovered it was way off, and put me on medication. I have since taken medicine every day.

Quite honestly, I didn't expect homeopathy to do anything, and was not surprised when after the first remedy I took, nothing happened at all. With the second time I took the medicine, I started to feel funny. I thought there was something wrong with me, so I checked with my doc and turns out my blood pressure was as low as it never had been. Too low! And I was taken off my meds right away. That's why I felt so dizzy and weak: I had taken my blood pressure medicine and at the same time, the homeopathic pill I got from Mrs. Seebauer brought the pressure down to normal, so I was sort of over-dosing.

I haven't taken my blood pressure medicine since and this is 7 months ago now. And not only that! While I am still under homeopathic care my knee has gotten better as well. I have had problems, especially when the weather changes, for years now, but that's history. I do have some skin problems left, but I am confident, that this will clear up too. Thank you so much for saving me from all these pills!" (May 2009)



Frank, 53 yrs, High Blood Pressure

This note to you is in regards to Miss Ute Seebauer.

I discovered I had MOUNT EVEREST type High Blood Pressure on a visit to our local Hospital in Toronto. The Admittance Nurse summoned Doctor immediately who admitted me immediately. You should have seen his face when he saw the reading!    226/129   I thought to ask if I had broken any records. After laying/resting peacefully, getting fed,getting poked and prodded the ‘Doctor’ finally came in 6 hours later, checked my blood pressure again, hummed and hee hawed, prescribed pills and sent me home with corrective instructions….blah…blah…blah. After 8 weeks of feeling loopy and goofy from NOT getting the dosage right and worse………no decrease in BP readings I gave up.

Ute calls me one day and offers assistance. I knew her as a friend before she became involved with Homeopathic remedies.

After preliminary questions asked and answered, she sends me her remedy. I’m not a religious man, but by all that is Holy my BP went 175/98 within three days!

To ask why, was unimportant. To question was of no matter. To see results was important. She may have assisted in avoiding the ticking time bomb of a stroke. Maybe I’ll still have one because………

I’m an unreliable patient…………….. Ute told me so.

She’s right about that too.

Just as she was with her remedy, and passion for this field of expertise.

I should really Thank her for what she has done for me. Maybe this reference is a part of that.

Thank You so very much UTE!

Sincerely,   Frank Hildebrand






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