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Iridology (Iris diagnosis)

Iridology is...

... the study of the nerve fibres in the eye. that can reveal imbalances 10-15 years before they develop into a physical ailment

... whenever there is a subluxation, atrophy, injury, inflammation or toxicity in the body, it will mirror tissue changes in the iris and this is how we can detect any imbalances or weaknesses anywhere in the body.

... the tissues in the body are connected to the central nervous system, which is connected to the brain and 65 % of these nerves run through the iris. 

 The nerves lead from the iris to the optic nerve to the thalamin down the spinal cord and to the corresponding
organ Pathology or weakness in the organ will mirror tissue change in the eye.

     An Iridology session is completely pain free. With digital imaging, a clear picture of your iris, brought up on a computer        screen, can reveal weaknesses and imbalances in your body even years before they even become an actual health issue.
Often lifestyle- or nutritional changes can prevent further deterioration of your health and lead you back to health,
strength and well being. 





     A camera assembly as used for Iridology                             Iridology chart showing the iris areas and its                                                                                                                             corresponding tissues


     A Blue eye with many lacunae, petal shaped tissue separations, making the iris appear somewhat like a flower. This is called a poly glandular constitution in which the body of the person displays a glandular system that likes support in order to function optimal. 


     A lot of orange colour on a, blue eye: Yes, this is actually a blue eye, that has been stained by orange pigmentation, most commonly this is a pointer to blood sugar issues. The person in this picture is diabetic.


     A relatively strong constitution is seen in this picture. The fibres are woven tightly. The fog at 12 o'clock shows some chronic affection in the sinus area.  .  






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